Vacant housing units (excluding seasonal and recreational housing, percent)

The number of vacant housing units excluding housing units for seasonal, recreational, and occasional use divided number of housing units, times 100.

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Last Updated January 18, 2020
Year(s) Data available for 2009-2017, except for city neighborhoods (2010-2017), ZIP code tabulation areas (2011-2017), and census tracts (2012 & 2017).
Update Frequency Annual

American Community Survey 1-Year Summary Files, 2009-2017, Table(s): B25002, B25004. American Community Survey 5-Year Summary Files, 2009-2017, Table(s): B25002, B25004.


Information on vacancy status is obtained both through internet self-responses and personal interviews. Before 2013, it was obtained only via personal interviews for a sample of cases.

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