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Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
geoid text 2010 census tract FIPS codes
year numeric Year of observation (2010 or 2015)
in100 numeric In one of the 100 largest metro areas

This variable is equal to 1 if the census tract is located in one of the 100 largest metro areas (as of 2015), zero if located in a metro- or micropolitan area that does not belong to the 100 largest metro areas, and blank if it is located outside a metro- or micropolitan area.

msaid15 text Metro/Micro Area (2015) FIPS Code
msaname15 text Metro/Micro Area (2015) Name
countyfips text County FIPS Code
statefips text State FIPS Code
stateusps text State USPS Code
pop numeric Number of children aged 0-17, ACS (2008-12 for 2010, 2013-17 for 2015)
ED_APENR numeric Advanced Placement course enrollment

Ratio of students enrolled in at least one AP course to the number of 11th and 12th graders.

ED_ATTAIN numeric Adult educational attainment

Percentage adults ages 25 and over with a college degree or higher.

ED_COLLEGE numeric College enrollment in nearby institutions

Percentage 18-24 year-olds enrolled in college within 25-mile radius.

ED_ECENROL numeric Early childhood education enrollment

Percentage 3- and 4-year-olds enrolled in nursery school, preschool or kindergarten.

ED_HSGRAD numeric High school graduation rate

Percentage ninth graders graduating from high school on time.

ED_MATH numeric Third grade math proficiency

Percentage third graders scoring proficient on standardized math tests, converted to NAEP scale score points.

ED_READING numeric Third grade reading proficiency

Percentage third graders scoring proficient on standardized reading tests, converted to NAEP scale score points.

ED_SCHPOV numeric School poverty

Percentage students in elementary schools eligible for free or reduced-price lunches.

ED_TEACHXP numeric Teacher experience

Percentage teachers in their first and second year.

ED_PRXECE numeric Early childhood education centers

Number of ECE centers within a 5-mile radius, converted to natural log units.

ED_PRXHQECE numeric High-quality early childhood education centers

Number of NAEYC accredited centers within a 5-mile radius, converted to natural log units.

HE_FOOD numeric Access to healthy food

Percentage households without a car located further than a half-mile from the nearest supermarket.

HE_GREEN numeric Access to green space

Percentage impenetrable surface areas such as rooftops, roads or parking lots.

HE_HEAT numeric Extreme heat exposure

Summer days with maximum temperature above 90F.

HE_HLTHINS numeric Health insurance coverage

Percentage individuals ages 0-64 with health insurance coverage.

HE_OZONE numeric Ozone concentration

Mean estimated 8-hour average ozone concentration.

HE_PM25 numeric Airborne microparticles

Mean estimated microparticle (PM2.5) concentration.

HE_VACANCY numeric Housing vacancy rate

Percentage housing units that are vacant.

HE_WALK numeric Walkability

EPA Walkability Index.

HE_SUPRFND numeric Hazardous waste dump sites

Average number of Superfund sites within a 2-mile radius, converted to natural log units.

HE_RSEI numeric Industrial pollutants in air, water or soil

Index of toxic chemicals released by industrial facilities, converted to natural log units.

SE_POVRATE numeric Poverty rate

Percentage individuals living in households with incomes below 100% of the federal poverty threshold.

SE_PUBLIC numeric Public assistance rate

Percentage households receiving cash public assistance or Food Stamps/Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

SE_HOME numeric Homeownership rate

Percentage owner-occupied housing units.

SE_OCC numeric High-skill employment

Percentage individuals ages 16 and over employed in management, business, financial, computer, engineering, science, education, legal, community service, health care practitioner, health technology, arts and media occupations.

SE_MHE numeric Median household income

Median income of all households.

SE_EMPRAT numeric Employment rate

Percentage adults ages 25-54 who are employed.

SE_JOBPROX numeric Commute duration

Percentage workers commuting more than one hour one way.

SE_SINGLE numeric Single-headed households

Percentage family households that are single-parent headed.