Children aged 0-17 residing in households who are the householder's biological child (count)

The number of children aged 0-17 years who reside in households (excluding householders, spouses, and unmarried partners) and who are the householder's biological child.

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Last Updated January 18, 2020
Year(s) Data available for 2012-2017, except for census divisions (1-year data, 2009-2017), census regions (1-year data, 2009-2017), counties (1-year data, 2009-2017), metro- and micropolitan statistical areas (1-year data, 2009-2017), nation (1-year data, 2009-2017), places/cities (1-year data, 2009-2017), states (1-year data, 2009-2017), unified school districts (1-year data, 2009-2017), and census tracts (2012 & 2017).
Update Frequency Annual

American Community Survey 1-Year Summary Files, 2009-2017, Table(s): B09018. American Community Survey 5-Year Summary Files, 2012-2017, Table(s): B09018.

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