Vacant housing units (count)

The number of vacant housing units.

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Suggested citation: 2021. “Vacant housing units (count)”, retrieved from on Feb 25 2024, calculated from American Community Survey Summary Files

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Last Updated October 16, 2021
Year(s) Data available for 2009-2017, except for city neighborhoods (2010-2017), ZIP code tabulation areas (2011-2017), and census tracts (2012 & 2017).
Update Frequency Annual

American Community Survey 1-Year Summary Files, 2009-2017, Table(s): B25002. American Community Survey 5-Year Summary Files, 2009-2017, Table(s): B25002.


Information on vacancy status is obtained both through internet self-responses and personal interviews. Before 2013, it was obtained only via personal interviews for a sample of cases.

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